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24-year-old. Plains Cree First Nations & Red River Métis. Two-Spirited. Lives in Canada's prairies. Full time university student majoring in Indigenous studies & Women & Gender Studies. Probably owns more books than you, but you can borrow some.

i'm p boring tbh.
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A fact about me: I own a lot of faerie books. This has been reaffirmed because I was organizing my fae shelf today, and goddamn, it’s glorious. Here’s a picture of my Froud books because they were all on the floor, anyway. (The green one without a sleeve is “Midsummer’s Night Faerie Tale” that Ayecaptain got for Christmas in 1999, and so kindly gave to me, after much heckling.)

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    When I have money and have gotten over my fear of planes, definitely!
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    I got it from a thrift store! I made pretty embarrassing noises when I found it. We can share, c’mere!