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24-year-old. Plains Cree First Nations & Red River Métis. Two-Spirited. Lives in Canada's prairies. Full time university student majoring in Indigenous studies & Women & Gender Studies. Probably owns more books than you, but you can borrow some.

i'm p boring tbh.
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Rep’n with my sash, beadwork and my quillwork barrette.

National Aboriginal Day invokes a lot of feelings for me. As it does for a lot of us here in colonial Canada. Some of them are good, a lot of them are not good. I won’t try to explain - there are many people who have done that, and a lot more eloquently than I can.

NAD also makes me think a lot of the joy, and sadly, contention of what it is to be both a Cree and Métis woman growing up with both cultures. Although I love and celebrate both my cultures, I am expected to only claim one. I am always Cree before I am Métis to many fellow NDNs, and especially to institutions. I can never check off both of those boxes on forms. Because apparently, there is no way to be both Métis and a “status Indian” (Spoiler: I am). A lot people don’t even know that Métis people have their own distinct language and traditions. My grandma spoke Michif fluently and was a loved and respected Elder, my dad builds Red River carts - being Métis is just as important to me as being Cree is.

I could spill a whole essay here. Maybe I will someday. But for now, I’ll just say that it was a good day. Even if I see the definite shitty aspect of NAD, it’s also an opportunity to see a lot of people I love and for many of our artists to be celebrated.

Happy solstice, everyone.

I will post more pictures later.

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